Andrew is a mixed genre Fujifilm and 35mm photographer based in the UK on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast.

The ethos behind his photography is capturing the essence of a scene, whatever the subject - describing his work as ‘anything but chocolate box.’

Andrew is perhaps best known for his unique take on the beauty and diversity of the Jurassic Coast - an UNESCO World Heritage Site - renowned for its rich Palaeontology and coastal landscape. Come rain or shine, he immerses himself in the magic and mood of his surroundings.

Since his parents gave him his first camera (a Kodac Instamatic) at the age of 10, Andrew feels a strong harmony and connection to the environment when his camera is in hand.

Although the natural landscape provides the mainstay of Andrew’s photography, he is a strong believer that mixing it up makes for interesting content. Rather than pursuing one particular subject or style, he is drawn to a broad variety of topics on which he bestows his individual character and tone.

Andrew spent his formative years working with eminent interiors photographer Peter Woloszynski, schlepping the gear and loading his Hasselblad on various location shoots. Following this, he spent a short but invaluable time with the renowned advertising and editorial photographer Ray Massey.

Andrew regularly undertakes commissions and his photography has been chosen for publications here in the UK and the USA, as well as being featured on TV. He has also had the honour of being assigned as the stills photographer for events and film production.