High quality images are essential to the success of your project, whether your photography is for personal use or work-related. To this end, I provide the following photographic services:

• Post-processing Services
• Photo Retouching Services

Details of these services may be found below and if you wish to enquire about any of these, please get in touch to discuss options and rates.

Post-processing is an essential tool in the photographer's bag, but many of us either don't find the time or find it a bit daunting.

Very few photographs look exactly as desired from your camera and even some of the best shots benefit from some fine-tuning to get them looking their best.

I have years of experience and expertise when it comes to post-processing. Retaining the natural look and feel of an image is essential and to that end I can ensure your photographs look their best, without ‘pushing’ the images too far, leading to exaggerated or unnatural results.

Retouching photographs requires exacting attention to detail and high standards if the results are to be convincing and effective.

Here again, I have years of expertise under my belt, producing an array of images that have been ‘reworked’ in order to obtain the desired result – whether it involves background alterations, removal of unwanted elements or a completely altered look and feel to the focal point of an image.