Lewesdon Hill is the highest point in Dorset, at 279 metres (915 ft) high. The top of Lewsedon HIll is an elongated ridge surrounded by beech woods.

For many years, nearby Pilsdon Pen (277 m) was thought to be Dorset's highest point, until advances in surveying revealed that Lewesdon Hill was in fact 2 metres higher. Lewesdon's topographic prominence exceeding 185 metres qualifies it as a Marilyn - a mountain or hill in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland or Isle of Man which exceeds 150 metres (492 ft).

Like many of the high hills in Dorset, including its neighbour Pilsdon Pen, it is the site of an Iron Age hill fort. Parts of the original bank and ditch are still visible. Lewesdon Hill was also the site of one of the Armada Beacons in 1588 used to warn of impending attack by Spain.

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